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Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the outlandishly large margin that mitt romney needs to be with white working-class voters. he is not anywhere close. that is the bottom line. this is true across many polls. you might see a margin of 20 points for mitt romney or a margin of 22 points. nowhere do you see the outside margin that he really needs to win the election. given how he appears to be holding support and then some of college graduate voters so that is where we are now in the national picture. as we know, these elections that we choose to have in the united states are not decided by the popular vote. instead, we have the electoral votes where everybody gets another vote for the states that allocate their electrical votes will so that gives us outcomes in a number of battleground states. this is as we laid it out in the first case. we have six states in the midwest area, ohio, michigan, and ohio, states in the southwest, colorado, new mexico and nevada. virginia and florida in the south. all of the states are pretty different. the six states in the midwest are much more heavy and have a slow level of demographic change and
Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in average voters mind a perception of romney. and i think they did it very fine job at it. i think it's part what romney campaign is trying to reposition itself and trying to move forward on. >> the obama campaign did a masterful job too before we go there. >> a lot more money. >> i think -- [inaudible] what percentage do you think of the cross odes and gps ads the federal, the nonpresidential. you think will be comparative? have some element of positive to it? >> well, glsh did or do at a date. that's an excellent question. because we can't -- because outside groups can't coordinate. i think it's interest farring class like this. outside groups can't coordinate with candidates and party committee for television ads it means the candidate can't star in the ads. right. we could go mitt romney event and film romney footage. would we getting the same things the news crew get. we can't shoot an ad of romney talks to the call are a why he'll be the best president. what it does is the anticoordination laws they almost make all the outside group negative because at that point you know we're not coo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2